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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 22, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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journey that is somehow emotional or psychological, shut up. a journey requires actual movement, back pack and the potential for getting leeches in your underwear. >> dana: ryan gosling is talking about a journey -- >> greg: that is why he is always showing up late. >> kimberly: crowded at your place. >> eric: roll the video from a couple of weeks ago. march 9 was the date. remember this play, the hooters girl get in way of live play and no idea she did something wrong? throws it to a fan. guess what happened tuesday night in take a look. watch. >> juan francisco for the braves. he is pretty hot. over the last fur or five games. dominic brown is right there in the mix. just as the ball girl was right in the mix of that play. down the left field line. i don't think she knows where everything -- what is going out on the diamond. >> kimberly: love it.
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>> dana: what is she supposed to be doing? >> kimberly: i don't know. >> eric: she is like what? what? >> kimberly: why is she sitting there? what is the purpose of having her sit there? >> eric: the foul ball. foul ball, right? >> eric: yeah. uh-huh. >> kimberly: all right. >> dana: so, you know, dating in washington, d.c., is not the easiest thing to do. there is a new app called the hinge app. dating app. bob, you might find this interesting. they put out a list of where the best looking workforce in washington, d.c., is. number two on the list, united senate. not talking senators but staffers. ladies that watch the show, you might want to head on over. >> bob: bob's house. >> eric: fox news. >> greg: definitely. >> kimberly: bob, you are up. >> bob: my favorite author and i think up with of america's because he sells so much, harlan colenad has a new book out. iial you to buy it.
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they will turn in a movie. hugh jackman will be cast in the lead. "six years." coben can write. he is brilliant. >> kimberly: is thatco authored by greg gutfeld? that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you here welcome to "red eye." it is like all in the family if by in the family you mean steal drum. let's go to andy levy. what is coming up in tonight's show? >> our top story, ryan -- ryan goes lynn is taking time off from acting. and the university of texas pulls out of the frustrated sex week that cannot be reached for comment. and finally a new bill would lead to federal workers who would owe taxes being fired. we will speak live with the bill's author straight ahead.
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greg? >> hold on. i am being told that you are using the i am being told joke too often. >> wait. he stopped. >> they are stealing me we shouldn't -- they are telling me we shouldn't. >> they told me that too. >> she is so hot she is mistaken for me. i am here with jedediah bila. if he was stuffed pizza i would eat him back to front. he is the co-host of the opie and anthony show. and in norway he is considered a walking stick. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he knows getting the facts like i know double knit tacks.
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they never went out of style. >> a block. the lede. that's the the first story. >> they are getting more and more personal every day. the news hit like a punch to the stomach with a fist made of knives. and those knives made of smaller fits. ryan gossling is taking a break from acting at a time when america can't get enough of him. in an interview with the ap, the actor said of his craft, quote, i have been doing it too much. i have lost perspective on what i am doing. 24 is hard to read. i think it is good for me to take a break and reassess why i am doing it and how i am doing it. i think this is probably a good way to learn about that. then he added the more opportunities i am given the
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more i learn about how easy it is to "f" it up. >> you fight for freedom and then you have enough rope to hang yourself. i do have so much freedom. well this news has sent ripples of shock throughout the nation. it is all but overshadowing president obama's historic trip to israel. so how are the fans reacting to this hiatus? let's bring in the president and the founder of ryan gossling's fan club, edward medina. i have to ask you first off, where were you when you found out? edward? what are you feeling right now? edward, i want to make clear that this is a temporary break.
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he will act again and he has three movies coming out this year. it has to give you some relief. you told our producer you have seen "the notebook" 23 times. is that true? >> i can't talk about this right now. >> no, no. let it happen. i gotta say i think he expresses how we all really feel right now. wow, i think that is a first time on "red eye." anthony, will you look at what just happened here? isn't it selfish of ryan gossling when he knows the impact he is having on fans? >> to deprive all of us americans of this is
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unbelievable. >> it is. >> it is tragic if i could use the word tragic. i think of things, dare i say, 9/11? >> wow, that's something. you really went there. do you have any anger about this or any -- >> some people could say he is just a self-important hollywood tool that is over thinking this too much. >> i went into acting and a million to 1 shot i got famous. girls want to have sex with me, waaa, i can't take it. lauren beatty should smack your face. >> i knew there was something going on. i found out that you have ryan gossling's buttocks tatood on the inside of your eyelids so when you are sleeping you are staring at his cheeks. >> so? >> look, we usually hear this self-intro specs --
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introspection. the fact that he is coming to terms with this now, i think, look, how are you going to fault a guy? plus my wife told me if she has a chance to sleep with ryan gossling she is taking that opportunity. so i really dislike him regardless of what he does. >> by the way, tell her it is not that great. jedediah, it is not like he is in the military or a police officer. acting is tough work. >> it is hard work. it is really hard. i have to admit though, i am a huge gossling fan. i kind of love him. i have loved him since "the notebook." i believe noah will be my night in shining armor. no one would know. this guy is not on a weekly television series. the way series are produced, how would you know if he didn't announce it? how do people know when he is tipping them versus when they are coming out? jay don't take time -- >> don't take time off. take your shirt off. >> i could not agree with you
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more. >> they are so -- they are creepy. his abs are disgusting is what they are. jay or -- >> or delicious. depends on who you are asking. >> by the way, guys with abs, oh ya, take off my shirt and look at my abs. shut up. you know what i was saying? i have such low self-esteem that i need to show you i have abs. that's so sad. >> aren't they making fun of you in the 90s? >> yes, i am. >> i want to be sure. >> i had abs, my friend. >> i know you did. >> and i never took off my shirt. i was ripped. i had a 13 pack, but i never showed it. bill, you have been in front of this story for months. in fact, you protested at "people magazine"'s headquarters. there you are. gossling was numbered for sexiest man alive in favor of
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bradley cooper. do you think this has something to do with what we are seeing now. there they are. >> what a turn out. >> we don't have to keep watching it. >> i was the only one there not wearing a hood. it was almost as if they were trying to hide themselves. they were not as into it as i was. >> what we saw tonight from edward medina is a coming attraction of the chirr -- they are noble that will happen. the extras and the billy bushes, one thing will happen and one thing will happen only. they will be in the middle of the story and start choking up. they will attempt to walk off the screen and they will forget where their microphone is put. therefore making the agony last longer. you just stand there and fumble around. >> could this be the one motivation that finally gets billy bush to run for president?
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he is the only bush i want to see in the office. jay he is incor gibel. he can bring the left and the right and the g's. anyone who loves gossling. >> but no more acting almost guarantees more ago activism. that's what he sees. i bet he yells about tracking in 10 -- fracking in 10 minutes. >> global warming in the past. >> he was quoting howard zin. they just bought the howard zin book and they heard it because matt damon said goodbye. look how smart i am. do you see what i am doing there? >> you know what they say? who does it better than gos? >> he smirks like there is no tomorrow. >> his abs smirk. >> we have been talking a lot about this. we will continue to keep you up-to-date, possibly breaking
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in on other fox news programming like "the o'reilly factor" and other highly rated shows with our take on ryan gossling. we are not even going to tell them. we are just going to break in. >> i think we may knee permission for this. >> no, i think we can actually just do it. >> gossling is important enough. >> i think the people at fox news are going to be very happy when we storm "fox and friends" with no pants on. >> no shirts you mean. >> no, no pants. >> gossling style. >> our protest is bottomless, literally and figuratively. from gossling to gasping. should state school funds -- well should state schools fund student orgies? not on my watch. it is a boliva. boy, it is going great. they have announced they have changed positions and won't -- get this they won't support a student-lead sex week with
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state tax dollars. the x-rated extravaganza take place in april which is the month and not the woman and features events like getting laid, bow-chaca-wow-wow and how many licks does it take? probably not a local -- lollipop. and one state senator told knox news, quote -- fox news, quote, we should be teaching these children what it takes to get jobs. i don't know if they are having seminars on oral sex and bondage unless they plan on becoming a porn star. maybe so. meanwhile, this event went as planned.
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>> isn't that adorable? first gay marriage and now we have cows and dogs hanging out together. separate but equal an will mas, separate but equal. jedediah, was this a good decision on the state to stop sponsoring sex week? >> i think so. and you left out two key features of the event. they had a poetry reading lesbian bondage expert. and they had a campus wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom. if our tax dollars are not going to support something like this, what else are they going for? i think it is interesting that somebody okayed this in the beginning. what did they think a sex week was going to look like on a college campus? use your brains, people. >> i think you are just upset that they didn't invite you to hear your lesbian poetry. i think this would be a whole other argument if you and your flannels had made the trip. >> there is lovely lesbian poetry.
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>> that would make you vice president of "red eye." >> a state congressman says the program is in a frivolous manner. in college, you don't really need help to treat sex in a frivolous manner, do you this. >> if my college offered a class called boom-chica-wow wow, i would have taken a different move. the governor is the leading people as far as being against this now. he is a republican. i thought the -- i thought they were going to try to broaden their base and appeal to younger voters. i do not think this is the way to appeal. , can selling sex week to appeal to younger voters. >> i have a feeling, anthony, that these events are never, ever as sexy as they sound. the people that organize these things are generally hid -- hideous, hideous hippie people. >> at first i have to admit i was a little tidalated. it is a bunch of hairy women
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who are exploring each other's bodies playing bongos and crying. >> wait a minute. i am aroused. >> and the downside? >> i can think of our money going to better things than that. >> they say we can still use the student fees. student fees are parents money. they do not want their money going toward this. >> exactly. bill, your sex week was going in a room and crying. the thing that bugs me about this is why i find academia -- is that how you say it? -- phony. this considers ads edgy and open minded. if you say it is stupid it must be old-fashioned and oh you don't understand. sex is great. i know sex is great. i don't need a classroom. especially in college. >> i i think it can be both sides.
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on the other side it can definitely be a bunch of de wormers who are not happy they were invited. condemn, condemn, condemn. there is the state senator. his name is kemp field and he says, this is a direct quote, well it does gnat make it because it is at a university. somebody watches "red eye." that was a rhyming tri-fecta. i saw lute you. i salute you. >> can we retire the bow-chica-wow wow punch line. if you say something like somebody is looking great and they say, bow-chica-wow wow. >> it is porn music. >> it is not even remotely funny. >> there is no more music to porn anyway. you turn on the computer and you just watch it. you make your own music. >> it is the lonely guy in the office that asks you what you are doing that weekend. he is not even listening.
12:18 am
i am having lunch with my aunt on saturday. who, bow-chica-wow wow. you know that guy. >> the other thing, okay, one it four college students -- graduate students are unemployed. so maybe this would help them get into porn, but i doubt it because they are probably very, very, what is the word i am looking for? coordinated. they are not coordinated. >> uncoordinated? >> uncoordinated. how to stop relying on your parents week. how to understand basic tax policy week. how to study. how to work week. >> will they actually want people to go? i don't even want to go to what you are describing. >> we are not talking about the real life studies. >> you are talking productive stuff which young kids don't give a crap. >> not like this panel when we
12:19 am
were young, am i right? >> back in the day i had my own sex weeks. >> that really depressed me. i could have had it if i just thought a little more about the joke. how do news anchors stay so young? he his new book "i drink the blood of virgins." disgusting, but it works. look at the guy. two kids with guns. -- do kids with guns belong on facebook? better question, what do you think of my text? that is a way better question. adorable kids though.
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trifle? last weekend police and state child welfare workers showed up at the home of a new jersey man as he posted a facebook photo of his 11-year-old kid packing some serious heat. the cops say they received an anonymous tip that the youngster had access to weapons and ammo and took it seriously. quote, in light of the recent school shootings. the dad is a firearm instructor and says the 22 caliber rifle was made to look like an assault rifle and was a birthday gift for his boy. my dad never did that. here is sean moore with his little dude explaining the ordeal on wednesday on something called "fox and friends." >> wanted to go through the house and make sure guns were not available to kids. once they went into the house they wanted to get in my safe. they wanted to run the cereal numbers on my -- seril numbers on my firearms and make sure they were registered to me and catalog they will. catalog them. >> nice trick, try again. >> show them what you do when
12:24 am
the pig goes -- >> they said they would return with a search warrant, but never did. his attorney explained why. he has a fourth amendment right and he will not give up his fourth amendment right. they didn't have it and so see you later. anthony, if anybody reported on the pictures that you tweet or the ones you put on facebook. i don't know if you are on facebook. >> i am on all social media there. >> you have more pictures of guns than a smith & wesson catalog. >> it is all guns and drones. >> a lot of guns. >> nobody has reported me. >> since i am in the public
12:25 am
eye people seem to assume i am stable. >> by the way, you got famous with the intended purpose of masking your instability. that was brilliant -- >> that was brilliant rating me out. a lot of people put pictures of doing many things on facebook and twitter and whatnot. a lot of people are rating them out. it is a weird place where big brother has turned into all of our -- ourselves with our own cameras. it was going to be the government with cameras. it turns out it is all of us rating each other out with our cameras and that seems to be the biggest problem now. >> it is people, people actually doing this. amazing per accept tiff remark. what is happening to society and you in particular? >> the dog with the tongue and the gun. i am trying to figure this
12:26 am
out. >> speak for our viewers. this police department evidently has a history in south jersey of not responding to tips it receives from the public. and young children have either been killed or put in harm's way as a result. i think in light of that and in light of the school shootings, i don't know. they were not infringing on anybody's rights and certainly this guy has a right to buy his son a firearm for his 11th birthday if that's what he wants to do. i would rather them be safe than sorry. >> but here is the big question it sounds sensible, but i think he might be incorrect -- sorry, rick. here is the thing. it blows my mind. under new jersey law you can't be prosecuted for making false allegations for child abuse. that means that if -- like i could keep doing this. i could keep calling and there is no way i could be
12:27 am
punished. doesn't that make all of us open game for accusations. if i get pissed off at bill i can accuse him of doing something. if a child is involved, i can keep doing that. >> and it will be sensorship without being intended. people will be afraid to post pictures. people will be afraid to say anything. maybe if it is anthony's stuff. jay it is more exciting than people who post their lunch. >> what do you have against cat pictures ? >> cat pictures, maybe. videos, keep them coming, people. >> i understand your point that you don't want these things to get out of hand and then have this hindsight that we should have done something. what i think would have been a better idea would be to look into it. check what other pictures the guys has. see that he is an nra instructor, and then realize that this isn't a problem. if it is a kid and you can see him smoking a bong and he has a gun maybe you should look into it.
12:28 am
to send people over to the south with the cops there and then there is a child welfare officer. >> the creepy thing is that the person who does this may just be harassing you. the interesting thing, the department of children and families actually encouraged you to be abandoned. it is not a question. i was just mocking your sad, pathetic life. i am so glad that when i was in high school the only fates book -- facebooks we had were the kind where you could draw a bubble and say i suck next to it. tab -- if it proved something they are everywhere. it is including your facebook page. i feel bad for any kid who wants to throw out a harmless picture smoking the joint or holding the gun. and for the first guy that is
12:29 am
smoking the joint, give me a call. we can hang out. have a few laughs. >> i put -- you bring up a great point. remember when twitter was your desk. the person in third period who sits here sucks. and then that person says, oh really? >> i remember that. >> i am going to steal that for tomorrow. the great thing is there is not a lot of overlap so i can pass through and pass it off as mine. >> i would be honored. >> it saves me time stealing from anthony. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us on red eye at fox and if you have an e-mail go to fox eye and click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. that guy is such a jerk. >> tonight is sponsored by baby elephants. the younger versions of the large gray animals with long,
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flexible trunks and prominent ears and thick legs. thanks, baby elephant.
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let's see if we have anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> i'm all right. first thing, i have to correct
12:34 am
your pre game guy. he said the school that pulled the funding from sex week was university of texas. of course, it was university of tennessee. idiot. >> i know. >> ryan gossling taking off from acting to focus on ryan gossl nie g. i would like to announce i am taking time off to focus on ryan gossl nie g. >> how is that any different from any day here? >> i won't be here. literally the only difference. i will be doing this from my home computer. >> when you are here you are not really here. >> that's true. the difference is at home i might actually bewaring underwear. >> that's good. >> probably not though. >> why should you? >> anthony, you said some people could say that gossling is just being a self-rnt poo -- a self-important hollywood tool. i need names and where they live and i will pay them a visit. >> wow, you are making threats on television. >> it is not a threat. it is a promise. >> i think it is everybody.
12:35 am
just start at the first door you see and knock. >> just start from the a's. jedediah, you are convinced that the notebook is real. you know there are doctors that can help with that, right? >> but i prefer to live in my own little world. it makes me feel better about life. why can't i have a prince charming, andy? >> i don't know. why can't you? >> i don't know. >> well, when you find out, you let me know. >> when noah comes to greet me, you will be the first i call to report. >> i own a notebook and listened to prince before. >> it is not going to work, bill. >> greg, you mentioned that gossling mentioned howard. he narrated a documentary. >> i know. i knew it was in the part of the thing above my eyebrow.
12:36 am
>> bill, you seem to mock our guest for having untrouble -- for having trouble unhooking his mic. >> i thought it added to the interview. >> that's not how it came across, buts i am glad to hear that. i was going to say i was happy you couldn't understand that kind of pain. >> i think you and i both though i understand a whole lot of pain. it is the type of pain you can't even wrap your tiny brain around. >> university of tennessee sex week canceled. you mentioned one senator said we should be teaching the senator what is important so they can get jobs. in that case they should throw out 80% of the curriculum. >> you are absolutely right. another line i am stealing for "the five." keep them coming, andy. i am mailing it in tomorrow. >> i will e-mail you the document when the show is over. you don't have to write them down. >> it was basically 80% of the curriculum and every bit as meaning less. on the other hand, while i don't think taxpayer money
12:37 am
should pay for sex week, i don't think the only purpose in going to college is to get a job. >> that's a good point. i will make that into a question for bob. >> jedediah, you brought up that sex week was supposed to bring up a bond expert. according to her website it is so much more than that. she is a writer, teacher and performer looking at the personal examinations of sex, gender and relationships. >> they don't like gender pronounces. pronounby mr. sinclair. i should say they go by mr. sinclair. >> i don't even have a problem with that. when you went into the elaborate description, if you go to any kind of -- if you look at the descriptions of people who work in academia or
12:38 am
even music critics or bloggers or whatever. or whatever, they have to pile -- why do they feel compelled to use so many words to describe i sit in an office. >> they have to do that? >> those were the first two sentences of the about section it went on for a longtime. >> it was the cornel west. >> and it is because 90% of the time college teachers are on vacation. they are doing research and you have to make your job sound like you are doing something. >> at least she didn't call herself a comedian. >> her background is the unspoken word. >> they say that on their website. >> she doesn't like the use of the word. >> they and not she. >> i would like to see somebody practicing the unspoken word.
12:39 am
>> greg asked if you have had anybody poke you? >> i don't think they do. they are too unstable to report you. >> mission accomplished. >> he scares me. i have red some of your tweets and i am frightened. >> it is booze enduced information. >> it doesn't show though. >> i would never tweet and if you suggest something would happen to somebody's family -- which we are kidding. >> i am always kidding. it is a character i play. i agree it was the department of children and families. but they had to follow-up on the allegations and something
12:40 am
bad was going on and they wouldn't have gotten in trouble. as anthony eluded to, they said it might be child abuse or whatever. can't they just follow it up by looking at the picture and then saying, well this isn't child abuse. >> all they could have done was call me. >> i think you are right. the police didn't violate this guy's rights. but the point that bugs me assuming the guy is accurate this his accounts is that the police told him he was being unreasonable when he didn't want to give him permission. constitutionally speaking he was being completely reasonable. >> they had no right. >> good po nie t. write -- good point. write that one down. i wrote it on the wrong note. >> i will e-mail it to you. he had his lawyer on speaker phone the whole time. he is smart.
12:41 am
that's really, really smart. you brought up the fact that under jersey law people who make false allegations can't be charged. i'm assuming they don't want to encourage people who suspect something bad is going on and turns out they are not. if somebody willfully makes up allegations, you should be able to charge them. >> i think that's right. >> it is probably a harassment thing. >> did you write that one down too? >> that's directly influencing my life right now. >> perfect. >> my lawyer is on the phone with every call i make. it is better that way. >> thanks, andy. is he still there? thanks. >> coming up, i need to sit
12:42 am
down with him. what is up? but first what is the best way to honor a porn icon? punch bill in the face? whatever you say, america.
12:43 am
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12:45 am
is enjoying a virginia slim akin to breaking wind. that is a public service announcement. >> it associates it with passing gas in public. as far as the ontario ministry of health's quit the denial campaign aimed at smokers who only light up around others. have a look, looing havers. -- have a look, look havers. jay it is true that i -- >> it is true that i fart, but i wouldn't call myself a farter. i am a social farter. i only do it when i am out with my friends.
12:46 am
we hang out. we drink. sometimes i use fart nie g -- farting as an excuse to meet a guy. and we talked. you fart. just because i fart at parties it doesn't make me a farter. >> that's pretty funny. although that actress will never not be the fartg girl. maybe she will win an oscar one day. gosslg start started if fartg commercials. >> discuss shall we. >> lightning roooouund. >> is it fair to compare the act of breaking wind which does smell to something like smoking which smells delicious? >> i think they should have used real farting in the where
12:47 am
shall to get the -- in the commercial to get the real expression. canada, you know, you have to give them -- the united states could not do that. people would be outraged. oh all of this phony outrage that is showing fake farting on television. >> it is about smoking. it is not something dangerous like terrorism. it is going after smoking. why worry about terrorism when we are here to deal with them. jedediah do they get their point across? >> i think there is one person who likes the commercial and it is michael bloomburg. he thought this was effective. it is part of his ban smoking campaign. i don't know though. i don't get the whole fart humor usually. all of my male friends get it. i feel like guys are into fart jokes. i never really get it. >> what about the part where her skirt fluttered a little
12:48 am
bit. a that is special affects and b, hilarious. >> you couldn't use real farts though. really bad farts don't make noise. >> that's an interesting observation. >> spoken like a healthy eater. >> my house was built on that. >> you are joking. your entire career. rick, are you going to be leading off the newscast? >> i think this woman, this actress needs to fire her agent and meryl streep would never have done a fart-psa. and she will be type cast. she will always be the crazy next door neighbor with the crazy gas problems. >> bill, here is the interesting thing. this video makes a point that banning smoking reveals how many people break wind.
12:49 am
those pubs smelled like smoke. the moment they banned smoking it smells like fart. >> who farts? guys drinking. and guys drinking smoking exists to match the farting. >> i was thinking to myself, what is a good way to avoid ever smelling a fart? going out for a smoke break. believe me, flavor country is preferable. >> it is a plethorable. >> i would like to see the signs that say no farting outside this building. >> and all-around greta's office. there are a lot of those. >> i have to take a break. i don't know what that means. more stuff to talk about. stick around.
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throat" has died at the age of 65, not very old. he did a lot of stuff in his life that wasn't staring in "deep throat" but we will focus on" deep throat" for his role he made about $800 and he was officially hired as lighting director, but stepped in after the male lead didn't show up. he was survived by his penis. anthony, one day of his life 40 years ago and the headline references "deep throat." what does that teachers and you about the porn life? >> that wons you get in there -- that once you get in there, is miss teen delaware, that will follow you around like a hungry little puppy. did she block you on twitter? >> she certainly did. i was trying to get a little rapport going. i was giving advice.
12:55 am
>> jedediah, how difficult is that transition from porn back to normal life? i am going to you for obvious reasons. >> obvious reasons. i don't know that you ever make a transition out of porn. he was a marine and he was a homeless man and then he was a real estate agent as he turns out. that is what he is known for. honestly of all of the other things he did, it is not known for his service. he is known for being a porn star. he only made $800 for? he should have cashed in. >> the movie made a billion dollars. >> $600 million and he goes did the 800? >> he loved his sweaters and exposed brick. >> he must have misunderstood when they said do you want it on the back end? >> making fun of a -- well, rick, do you care? >> do i care about this guy dying? no, thought really. i care for his family.
12:56 am
i think the most interesting thing is he died before passover which is about to begin. we ask in my family the four questions including how is it that a jewish kid from brooklyn wept on to become one of the biggest porn stars in the world? everything else he did, he started off as a kid from brooklyn and ended up as a mormon in utah. >> and he never changed his name. >> this is why i find this story interesting. he actually was a good guy. he moved on after he felt he made a bad decision about pornography. he refused to talk about it. he lived another 35, 40 years doing what he could do, eking out a living. >> eking is a good word. >> i think he was fiercely religious. then he dies and the first line is he is a porn star. if you as a human being cure aids, cure cancer, blow an
12:57 am
asteroid out of the solar system that saves the earth and you die and you did porn, the first sentence will stay say, you did porn. which is why you don't do porn because that is the only thing people will attach to your life no matter what good you do. bill, last word to you, working at "red eye" did that kill your future career in porn? >> yes, it did. one level below that. how rare is it a great porn name is your birth name? i am not sure what harry reams would be, but it accurately describes harry reams. >> have to close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox eye.
12:58 am
12:59 am